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The long-term target of the timber plantation project of the Forestry Department is to develop about 30,000 net hectares, which aimed to eventually producing a sustained yield of timber for the country.

Three groups of species were planted for the project such as follows:

Group of SpeciesRotation Age
Species of
Fast Growing Hardwoods15▪ Acacia mangium
▪ Sentang (Azadirachta excelsa)
Medium Growing, High Quality Hardwoods & Tropical Conifers35▪ Klinkii Pine (Araucaria hunsteinii)
▪ Teak (Tectona grandis)
▪ Caribbean Pine (Pinus caribaea)
▪ Large Leaf Mahagony (Swietenia
Slow Growing (Local Dipterocarps)50▪ Kapur (Dryobalanops spp)
▪ Tulong (Agathis borneensis)
▪ Kawang Jantung (Shorea   
▪ Other Dipterocarp species

The project was carried out within the Inter-Riverine Zone – Zone between Tutong and Belait River (Kawasan Mukim-Mukim Sungai Liang, Bukit Sawat, Rambai, Sukang and Melilas).


As of 2016, there have been about 5,211 hectares of timber plantation established since 1992: