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Beach type forest is a coastal forest ecosystem that is generally found above the high-tide mark on sandy soil. This forest is adapted to adverse growing conditions as a result of edaphic or climate extremes (strong winds, salinity, lack or excess of humidity).

Beach type forests play an important role in land stabilization and thus prevent the silting up of coastal lagoons and also protect human settlements from moving sand dunes. This forest ecosystem can be seen along the coastline between Muara and Tutong, and further west towards Kuala Belait.

Beach type forests comprise a number of trees of which 'ru laut' (Casuarina equisetifolia), the sea hibiscus or 'baru-baru' (Hibiscus tiliaceus), 'nyatoh laut' (Pouteria obovata) and 'putat laut' (Barringtonia asiatica) are the dominant tree species.